уторак, 29. мај 2012, 17:34 -> 17:45

Third in Europe, first in Serbia

Having met with media representatives in the RTS lobby, Zeljko Joksimovic stressed his gratitude to all those who supported Serbia in this year's "Eurovision Song Contest", adding that he is satisfied...


уторак, 29. мај 2012, 17:25 -> 17:32

The last diary from Baku

The third place, close to victory, but definitely a success. Above all, it is Serbia’s success at the 57th “Eurovision Song Contest”, that has just finished. I wanted to win. We had a winning song. At...


петак, 04. мај 2012, 18:47 -> 20:22

New Zeljko`s surprise: "Su Amor Vencia Me" - as a duet

Serbian representative at the 57th Eurovision Song Contest does not stop to fascinate the audience with his creativity...


петак, 27. апр 2012, 18:23 -> 19:44

Video for "Nije ljubav stvar" with Sign Language

Just two days after recording symphony orchestra version of the song "Nije ljubav stvar" we have two new surprises from Željko Joksimović creative workshop...


четвртак, 26. апр 2012, 23:49 -> 17:27

"Nije ljubav stvar" in "summer instrumental version"

Serbian Eurovision song for Baku, "Nije ljubav stvar", performed by Serbian famous singer and musician, Željko Joksimović, is revealed in completely different and uncommon "summer, instrumental version"...


петак, 20. апр 2012, 22:16 -> 23:31

A new gift to the audience - multimedia application

Eurovision fans and admirers of Zeljko Joksimovic from now will be able to follow all activities of the Serbian ESC entry through specialized applications for the newest generation of mobile phones...


уторак, 27. мар 2012, 16:57 -> 17:03

Željko Joksimović - Biography

Željko Joksimović was born on April 20th 1972 in Belgrade. The years of growing up and education bond him with Valjevo, a place from where he went to test himself in the world of music, and where he always...


уторак, 27. мар 2012, 16:21 -> 11:52

Team for Baku



уторак, 27. мар 2012, 16:11 -> 17:44

Promotional material for ESC 2012

The Serbian entry at the 57th "Eurovision Song Contest" in Azerbaijan is called "Ljubav nije stvar" a song composed and performed by Željko Joksimović. The lyrics are by Marina Tucaković and Miloš Roganović...


четвртак, 15. мар 2012, 16:23 -> 16:41

Željko will sing in Serbian!

The Serbian representative at the 57th "Eurosong" and the Radio-Television of Serbia have decided - Željko Joksimović will sing in Serbian in Baku, this announcement being greeted with a big applause by...


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