The last diary from Baku

The third place, close to victory, but definitely a success. Above all, it is Serbia’s success at the 57th “Eurovision Song Contest”, that has just finished. I wanted to win. We had a winning song. At that stage we all gave our maximum in the final.

I think that we gave our best. The result is - the third place. The fever in Baku ended with "Euphoria", as many predicted beforehand.

I congratulate the Swedish representative Loreen, but most of all I congratulate and thank "Ad Hoc orchestra" and the Serbian delegation that supported me and gave their best for the last several months, throughout the "Eurovision" story.

For me personally, already a runner-up at the event, the achieved result couldn't be what I wanted with all my heart. I believe everybody can understand that, but at this moment I'm well aware that the third place is a real success of my country at this prestigious festival. Eurovision voting is as it is - no one can change it and not much can be influenced.

Eurovision Song Contest is the event that brought 42 countries together, and they all voted at their discretion and opinion. In this context, beside the quality of the composition, there is a bias too. Others do say: "It is an image of numerous, complex relationships in Europe." So much about that.

This will be my last participation in the competition as a performer. Maybe I'll get a chance to make "beautiful songs" for others, just as I did several times before.
I thank Serbian embassy in this country for all its activities and RTS (Serbian Broadcasting Corporation) that supported me all the time.

Music is my life and my great love, so I believe there will be opportunities for some new and surely different Eurovision meetings.

I'm proud of the members of my orchestra and my team, the entire delegation. They all tried hard to present our country in the best possible manner, and we were unique in many ways: with the quality of the song, promotion, different versions of the song, video-clips, stage performance, styling... And there are more really wonderful stuff.

Ksenija, Olga, Miloš, Gagi, Dule - congratulations!

I believe that other members in my family know that I think the same about them and I don't have to mention their names. I thank my friends who found the time to come to beautiful Baku.

I do not regret a bit for what we were doing for the last six months or so. "Synonym"/ "Nije ljubav stvar" will be played on the radio-stations across the country and Europe for a long time, I`m sure. And other versions of this song- in Russian, Spanish, Azeri language and instrumental, symphonycs and brass version will have a long lifetime, too.

I'll be working in the studio on the songs that have waited for me. New surprises are awaiting.

Thank you for trusting in me during the past days,

Željko Joksimović

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