Truck Drivers LTD

"Truck Drivers Ltd." is an eternal comic story about truck drivers.

During the rides, the main characters remind us of the often forgotten human qualities, affection and loyalty. Zića, ex driver and then small town school librarian, runs into his old friend Baja, a local bus driver. This encounter will completely change their lives. As they both stayed without job, watching the legendary comedy "Truck Drivers" they decided to establish a road transport company. Working together they experience a series of intriguing and funny adventures, but they also face current social issues. The destinies of many so-called common people from the province are revealed and their lifestyle can be compared to the urban fast-paced life. 

Genre: Comedy
Country of Production : Serbia
Year of production : 2020/2021
Original Title: Kamiondžije d.o.o.
Duration: 20x55' HD
15x55' HD
Screenplay by: Gordan Mihić
Directed by: Filip Čolović
Cast: Tihomir Stanić, Nenad Jezdić. Branislav Zeremski, Danina Jeftić, Paulina Manov, Jelena Stupljanin, Iva Ilinčić, Bojan Dimitrijević, Nebojša Ilić, Marko Gvero
среда, 29. новембар 2023.
4° C


Ако пронађете ову новчаницу одмах идите код нумизматичара
Macka i maticnjak
Крећете на пут и водите љубимца - како могу да помогну валеријана и матичњак
Oči su najlepši 'prozori na svetu'....
Длаке из ока? И то је могуће!
Tестирање вакцине против рака дојке
Dlaka iz ugla oka
Длаке из ока? И то је могуће!